Keeping Up With the Task of Cleaning the Home

How To De-Odorize Your Business Fridge

Business refrigerators often work on a community principle, meaning dozens of people may use them. As a result, they often start to stink rather quickly. Utilize this simple cleaning process to keep the odors out and to avoid annoying co-workers and potential customers. Assess The Food In The Fridge Start by checking out the food […]

Carpet-Saving Tips For Kid’s Bedrooms

If you are getting new carpeting or your carpets cleaned throughout your home, you don’t need to be resigned to your kid’s carpeting ending up a mess. Here are four tips that you can incorporate into your home in order to keep carpeting in your kid’s bedroom just as clean as other living areas. 1. […]

Dry Cleaning Your Carpet

One of the biggest drawbacks to cleaning your carpet with a traditional steam cleaner is the fact that you have to wait up to 24 hours to be able to use your floors again. That means that kids, pets, and guests all have to be corralled into hard-floored rooms or rooms with dirty carpets until […]